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Source: Sports Hankook
English translation: Stephanie (@Stephiie4SS501/ 東方5AS1)
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Singer Park Jungmin have once again proven his stand as a Hallyu Star.

On 5th of June in Indonesia, SS501 member Park Jungmin made his performance on KIMCHI (Korean Idols Music Concert Hosted Indonesia), with a huge success in return.

Park Jungmin is recently promoting his special limited edition album in Japan, which has received many popularities. He is also recognized by Indonesian fans as the representative of Korean idol singer. Hankook Sports will revealed Park Jungmin as a Hallyu Star and tidbits of his performance!

#Thank you for coming!~
Before the KIMCHI performance, Park Jungmin have attended the press conference. When he saw the media rushing to arrive, he didn’t seem to be agitated at all. Instead, he went towards the MC holding a glass of water, as if asking ‘Do you want a glass of water?’

#Perfect example of 8fool!
The media have focus a lot on Park Jungmin’s action on the stage. With a smiling expression on his face while tilted his head to a side, he looked just as cute as the bridegroom.

#The mass attention from the media!
Many of the local Indonesian reporters have came to see Park Jungmin. Park Jungmin posed a different poses for every camera, the poses with high spirits have made many memorable experience.

#The sad emotions~
The smile on Park Jungmin’s face was gone. In return, there was tears of pains flowing from his big eyes. He have melted many fans’ heart using a melancholic vocal when singing. Many female fans felt like protecting him who looked so fragile.

#Radiating the male charisma!
Park Jungmin have once again performed a lively performance on stage. He used a more powerful vocal instead of the melancholic vocal before this to control the stage. You can feel his male charisma from the clench of his fist. Park Jungmin held his right hands high up in the air during the dance along with his dancers, have made many audiences to join in the fun too.

#Put the hands around the waist!
During the dance performance on stage, Park Jungmin have put his hands around a female dancer’s waist. The waist following the beat, along with the eyes slowly turning towards the floor, it have turned on the atmosphere! Many of the female fans have also let out many jealousy screams below the stage.


Credit: + SS501 Baidu

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