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Posted: June 2, 2011 in Magazine, Translation

Credit: Scanned by http://www.onlymin.com
Eng-trans: K.xeiti@onlymin.com
Source: OK magazine

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The challenges of Park Jung min as a solo artist

If look at it in a good way, it might have been a good thing when members of SS501 decided to move into new agency to try new experiences before reunion again as they have promised, the promised which very strong as their relationship! At least this might be a very good time for us to get to know more about each member, something that we have never known or thought about before. As us, we have an interview with a very friendly guy, Park Jung Min. The first member of SS501 who released a solo single “Not alone” who, this time, here for “Do concert present Park Jung Min ‘Not Alone’ Thailand fan party” on Saturday May 7, 2011.

With his friendly outlook and his smile, these might be the magnet which has made everyone fall in love with him. But that is not all; his successful also came form his attempted. Not only speak fluently Japanese, he is now studying Chinese and getting ready to engage Asia and Chinese market after signed the new contract with Sony Music Taiwan at the end of last year.

Beside his hard working and his attempt, another thing that we saw from this guy who is the first row of Korean Idol is his responsibility to his works that also impressed us not less than his friendly outlook. He did not ask to postpone or cancel any schedule due to the accident in Hong Kong. Jung Min was wearing a weir while we do the interview, and we known from his staff later that sometime his finger still hurts. Because he always has a smile on his face which made us did not notice anything about his hurt. He also offered to stand by himself for the camera man to test and set the camera. After that he changed his cloths and came out again in a costume of his solo ‘Not alone’ which looks a lot different from whom we always saw.

Today Jung Min came with the logo of happiness, not only to do a good pose to the camera. He also spent time with us to talk about the new challenges as a solo artist, his side of a happy artist and his future plan.

In which way that you life has been changed from being a member of idol group to a solo artist?
In past, we were in a group of 5 members but now I am a solo artist, I can say that it is a big changed in my life because I have never been doing a solo album before. At the beginning I was very nervous. But now I feel more confidence to do a solo work. Even though we have a producer for this album but I also giving my ideas and composed the songs, and do most of the process by myself.

Have you been under the pressured when every one is expected for your new album?
Due to there were many people who expected and wait for my new solo album and also for myself. That made me wanted to show them myself as much as I can and also tried my best to make this album in ordered to return to the people who expected and waited for me. I also was the first members of SS501 who released the solo album then I was really focus on it in order to show this experience to other members that will be release a solo work later.

You look very smart and cool while singing ‘Not alone’ what did your fan club say about this, because usually they will see you in a cute look.
The concept of this song is cool, isn’t it? Actually since I was SS501, most of our title songs also have a concept which is similar to this song. I think it kind of related to those previous works, cool and smart. But for my fans, they already had seen who I am.

Heard that before you released this album you went to fitness and had been controlled foods
Yes, I had to eat as least as I can and also do an exercises, one and a half hour in the morning and then again in the evening. I also have to drink as much water as I can. I lose 13 kilograms and my weight went down to 63. I think that it was too much, so now I am trying to gain some weigh. Now it is 68, this is the time that I tried to eat as much as I can and due to Thai food is very delicious and tasty so I have planed to come and eat here ^^

Usually, how do you taking care of yourself
Normally, if it is about the skin I will take care of it myself, by using some cream. But the most important things are eating nutrient food, get enough sleep, and always take a shower and wash face. For my health, my mom is the one who taking care of it. And because I took a good care of myself, so before I came here I had filmed a CF for one of the cosmetic brand. ^^

You always look very happy to your fan, how do you control your feeling and emotions
Actually I am not a person who always happy like everyone has thought, I also have a time that I got angry or not satisfy with things also. But personally, I think that I always express my emotions. When I am angry, I expressed it out and when I am happy I will be full of happiness.

Forms the perspectives of being an artist, other artists are unlike you, they can’t be in a good mood all the time
If talking about other artists, I do not know so well about it. To me, even if my mood is not very good, but for the fan who came to see me it is my duty that I have to smile to give back to my fan who loves me.

Have you ever been in any situation which made you can not smile?
Amm…I think I haven’t been in that situation,yet. Because I am a person who always get angry very easily, but can forgot it very easily also.

Then, how can we know that your mood is turning in to a bad mood?
I will be speaking less and the expression of my eyes will change.

Do you think that are there anything about you that will make your fans surprise to know about it?
I think it could be when I get angry, because they never seen me when I got angry, so that might make them shock to see me like that.

After finished all Asia tour you also planed to go to Taiwan for a series filming, right?
Yes, and I already started to prepare about it, I am a little worry because the shooting environment would be different from in Korea, also the culture is different. In contrast, this could give me encourages; it is very excited and would be so much fun. (Could you tell us about your role in the series?) I will act as a main character, it is still on the process of writing up the character but from I have heard I will be playing a role of a millionaire.

OK: Do you think that it is a pattern of every idol singer to become an actor/actress after being successful in singer career?

JM: I have never thought like that. For me, to become an actor is to show off another side of what you can do. This is a very ordinary thing for Korean artist to sing and work as an actor/actress. But as I am an artist, the most important thing for me is to show out all of my capability. I used to work as an MC, also DJ for  now I would like to focus with acting more.

OK: Could you tell us more about your future plan?
JM: Now is to focus with the Fan Meeting, afterward I will go to Taiwan to film a TV series. I also have a plan to release a new album in Japan during august. Then I will come back to Korea. I think that I also have series filming in Korea at the end of this year until the begin of next year.

OK: Have you ever thought about your life in the next ten years?
JM: Umm…when that time arrived I will be turning 35, right? I think I will still working in this career. But if it is possible, I would like to get marry and have one child.
OK: Just one?
JM: well then, one child every year haha ^^

OK: Lastly, Could you say something to your fans?
JM: First of all, I wanted to say Thank you to all my fans who always support me. Hope that you will always support me like this until forever. I will come here again and more often ^^

Another side of him
1.    To see me like this, actually I also have a side which you will never ever thought I could be.
2.    I will always be happy, I won’t when I did not get enough sleep
3.    Most of people asked me that why I am so sexy?
4.    The thing I would like to tell everyone but no one have asked me is that I love to ware toe socks
5.    I am not alone because I have been surrounded by my fans who loves me
6.    The thing I want most right now is furniture
7.    Things that I must have is my family
8.    A kind of woman whom I would like to stay with is a girl who full of charisma
9.    I love to traveling with my family when I have a free time
10.    I am a big fan of Rillakkuma
11.    Once in a life time…I would like to travel around the world
12.    I will be full of confident when my fan club stands beside me
13.    The hottest part of my body is my smile
14.    The thing that I would never done is lie to my friends and family
15.    For me, all fans are the most precious presents

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