[Trans] KyuJong Interview Haru*Hana VOL 6

Posted: May 31, 2011 in Magazine, Translation

Credits : Scan credit as on pic + (Chinese Translation) À¶Ý¶ kolkol dechan (www.kimkyujong.com.cn) + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

Haru*Hana VOL 6

The actual solo activity starting with acting as a Prince!

Musical [Goong], starring DongBangShinGi’s YoonHo, which was very popular at one time in Korea, will be played in Japan with SS501’s Kim KyuJong selected to play as the main lead Prince Lee Shin. Kim KyuJong who possesses outstanding vocal and dance ability, will be taking up the challenge in musical play. “The charm about musical play is that you have to display both the singing and acting at the same time! There are stress and worries that are brought upon as I am a member of SS501, but after watching the Korea version of the musical, I also wanted to try this out. That is why I am living it to the fullest everyday now.”

SS501 Kim HyungJun and Park JungMin have prior experiences in musical plays. Did they give you any advices?
“They told me not to show my nervousness~ (laugh). In fact, they did not invite me to watch their first performance. Maybe they didn’t want me to see how nervous they were? Their advice is to enjoy under the nervousness and stress! This became my biggest mental support.”

KyuJong is always so humble, and always watching the atmosphere of his surroundings. The charm that he wants to show differently from YoonHo is……
“Shin portrayed by YoonHo sunbae is full of masculine beauty. I want to portray Shin’s gentleness. I think what YoonHo sunbae portrayed is more towards a masculine Lee Shin.”

It sounds exactly as what KyuJong would have said (laugh). Is there anything in common in the characteristic of Shin and KyuJong?
“I am a quiet person, and not really know how to say things to hurt other people (laugh). So when acting as Lee Shin who has too much pride in himself, it is interesting to turn myself into another person. What should I do if I cannot get out of Lee Shin’s role when the musical ends? (laugh)”

In the musical play, cousins Lee Shin and Lee Ryul were engaged in a love triangle with Chae Kyung (played by Kwak SunYoung), how do you annotate Shin’s feelings?
“I am more of a shy person, but I definitely won’t give up my love to someone else. I will definitely get her back! (laugh)”

Foolishly acting cool and having too much pride, this is why Shin cannot express his love for Chae Kyung. In real life, is KyuJong better than Lee Shin in being in love!?
“I don’t know if I am good or not, but I will be brave to show my love. Don’t regret later, but I am still not good in creating atmosphere. I will directly express ‘I love you’ feeling which I feel at that time.”

KyuJong laughed and said “In the future, I want to show myself as a singer and actor with individuality.” From uneasiness, gradually to hope……the road to solo activities will definitely be a success.

Words on Photo:
Even though he is quite popular locally, KyuJong kept his modesty till the end, being very nice to the staffs. He also showed us the perfect cordination with his counterpart actress SunYoung.

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