[HENECIA Notice][24.05.11] We invite Henecia to Kim Hyun-joong’s ‘BREAK DOWN’ SHOWCASE

Posted: May 24, 2011 in Notice
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Source: hyun-joong.com

From staff of henecia

Before Kim Hyun-joong’s full-scale solo album activity starts he will host the 1st MINI ALBUM [BREAK DOWN] SHOWCASE at the Jangchung Gymnasium on June 7th, 2011 (Tuesday).

This showcase is scheduled to be free of charge, if you would like to participate please send an application based on the procedure below. Individuals that have won, based on the order of arrival, will receive a detailed individual mail that includes the schedule and further instructions.

We hope many [2011 Henecia] will participate.

Thank you.

<Showcase Outline>


Date and Time : June 7th, 2011 (Tuesday), 7:30 PM ~

Location : Jangchung Gymnasium (Jangchung-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul City)

<Participation Procedure>

– The total number of participants : 1,600 (one person can apply for one ticket)

– Seat : Standing type

– Registration period : May 26th, 2011 (Thursday), 12:00 PM (noon) (Korea standard time) ~ to the first 1,600 arrivals

– Registration procedure : send the registration form to event@hyun-joong.com

– Participant announcement : After the deadline of the first 1,600 arrivals, individual mail will be sent out to the winners

<Registration Form (Korea)>

(1) Name :

(2) hyun-joong.com ID :

(3) Contact number (mobile phone and contactable number) :

(4) e-mail :

<Registration Form (Overseas)>

(1) Name :

(2) hyun-joong.com ID :

(3) Nationality :

(4) Passport number :

(5) Contact number (mobile phone and contactable number) :

(6) e-mail :

<Jangchung Gymnasium map and public transportation>


– Anyone that has joined 2011 Henecia can apply.

– One person can apply for one ticket, based on the order of arrival within the registration period.

– Please fill out all information in the Registration Form accurately.

– If there is duplication mail, the last received mail will be the standard of selection.

– This showcase does not accept chartered vehicles from all areas, please attend individually.

– For a smooth progress of the showcase and due to portrait rights, taking pictures, videos, recording, tape-recording is prohibited,

thank you for your cooperation.

– Banners and placards can disturb others, so please refrain from bringing them.

– Please send any question regarding the showcase to henecia@hyun-joong.com

  1. gabixena says:

    too bad I’m so far away! I will think of his solo debut from my home

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