[Info] Notice on Park Jung Min Shanghai Fan-meeting

Posted: May 10, 2011 in Info

From: Sony Music Entertainment (China)
English translation: ss501chapter.wordpress.com

In order to present a more perfect stage and hardware facilities, we hope to have more time to make relevant preparations, so as to let fans who attend to have a memorable memories. So we are here to inform everyone, ‘Park Jung Min Shanghai Fan-meeting’ which is originally scheduled on 14 May will be postponed. With regards to announcing this notice at the last-minute, and causing troubles to fans, we are really sorry. Fans who support Park Jung Min please rest assured, all the preparatory work is still in progress, we will release the date on Sony Music Entertainment (China) official website (www.sonymusic.com.cn) once the date is fix. We welcome you to pay attention to it any time, your understanding and support is our greatest motivation.

To those who already bought the tickets, we will prepare a special gift of Park Jung Min as small token of our gratitude and apologies. Thank you for your support, we will see you during the fan-meeting!

Sony Music Entertainment (China)

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