[News][06.05.11] Heo Young Saeng Won Triple Crown In YouTube Charts… Giving Green Light For Comeback After Injuries From His Hand

Posted: May 6, 2011 in News
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Source: Sports Korea
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SS501 Heo Young Saeng Hot Favourite on Youtube

On the 4th May, the opening broadcast of Heo Young Saeng’s 1st solo album “LET IT GO” teaser video caused the rising interest among fans. The teaser showed the modern charisma of Young Saeng and his comeback on 12 May.

The teaser vid after broadcast on 5th May, within a short day it has already more than 60,000 views, risen up as the top most commented vid, top most favorite vid among viewers and no.1 top rated vid. Not only Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong etc, Asia areas, even in Czech, Egypt, France, Saudi Arabia etc areas also gain extraordinary attention to the teaser vid.

Heo Young Saeng hurt the back of his hand before the release of his album.  He was diagnosed with dorsal fracture ligament rupture and needed 5 weeks time to recuperate. Due to this, the release of his album was delayed causing anxiety among fans.  A representative stated that: “Although Heo Young Saeng’s hand now is still in a state of inconvenience, but he still go ahead and is in the preparation stage for his comeback.”

Heo Young Saeng solo album theme song “LET IT GO” featuring Hyunah of 4Minute and SS501 Kim Kyu Jong also participated in featuring in another song “Rainy Hearts”.

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