[News][25.04.11] Park Jung Min Hong Kong Fansign Event, sweet and kind action captive audience

Posted: April 27, 2011 in News

Source: ieasy
English translation + Shared by: rainaftershine.wordpress.com

SS501 Park Jung Min released his first solo mini repackage album <The, Park Jung Min> on the 8th April, he held an autograph session in Hong Kong on the 24th. Hundreds of fans came to support him at the autograph session venue, Jung Min greeted his fans with his bright smile and perfect Chinese.

During the autograph session, Jung Min smiled and said ‘I want to buy the fan’s heart’, and during the section of painting the easter egg, Jung Min personally helped a fan who was overly excited to wipe away her tears using a tissue, his action captive and move the hearts of the fans there.

Not only he wipe away fan’s tears, during the autograph session, Jung Min also helped fans to blow the autograph on the CD cover which was not dry yet, filling the thoughtful character.

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