[News][21.04.11] Youngsaeng discharged from hospital today, comeback activities will be postponed for approximately 2 weeks

Posted: April 27, 2011 in News

Source: http://sstv.freechal.com/index.html?page=news%2Fflypage&nid=105322&cid=24
Chinese Translation: kyu_小卯 @ HYS Baidu Tieba
Proofread by: 许夫人_美美 @ HYS Baidu Tieba
English Translation: @tzeyin28 @ http://www.facebook.com/DS501fanpage
Please re-post with full credits.

[SSTV1 Lee Kim Jun reporter (transliteration)] Korean boyband SS501′s main vocalist, Heo Young Saeng was hospitalized due to his hand injury, his solo album release date is expected to be postponed for approximately 2 weeks.

On 19th April, Heo Young Saeng hurt the back of his hand while he was practising the choreography of his comeback title track alone in the dance practice room at night, he was rushed to the hospital nearby for treatment. According to preliminary diagnosis, he needed to receive treatment because he tore a ligament and fractured his hand, 4 to 5 weeks are needed for recovery. His upcoming solo album release and broadcast schedule of his first performance have to be postponed.

Talked about Heo Young Saeng’s recent situation, on 21st April, SSTV expressed in the morning, “Being unable to live up to his promise with fans, Heo Young Saeng himself insists to begin his solo activities as soon as possible even if his hand injury is still not fully recovered.”

Then, the related personnel said, “Still discussing with hospital representatives now, although there is no result yet, but his solo activities planned initially will be postponed for approximately 2 weeks” moreover, he said “A rough plan of his future solo activities will be planned around tonight.”

Besides that, Heo Young Saeng as SS501’s main vocalist signed his new contract with B2M Entertainment which is Lee Hyo Ri’s current management company after his old contract with DSP Entertainment ended, will be coming back with his solo album as a soloist soon.

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