[Trans] Jung Min – KOOL Magazine Vol. 1

Posted: April 16, 2011 in Magazine, Translation

Scanned by: ameblo.jp/ss501jungmin
Chinese translation/Edited: cath & Miko @ No. 43 Park (www.parkjungmin.com.cn)
English translation: rainaftershine.wordpress.com

My slogan is ‘The most huggable man’

Even going solo will not change the fact that he is a born idol!!

Q: You did say before that you want to walk the path of the actor, so… now are you going to choose acting as your main solo activities?
A: To say choosing acting as main, why not say I can work hard to be a singer as well as the other fields.

Q: So is Taiwan drama the first activity you will be doing after entering the new management company?
A: I should be heading to Taiwan between April to June next year to film the drama (T/N: Interview done in 2010) After that I will plan to make a comeback in Korea.

Q: Can you briefly tell us what the storyline in the drama will be like?
A: There are 2 versions to consider. One is tragedy and the other one is romance. Because the scripts are not completed, I still need to decide after reading it.

Q: You are also learning Chinese now, compared to Japanese, which is harder?
A: Chinese is harder… Cause grammar is completely different.

Q: You did not bring a translator along with you during this interview, so what’s your Japanese standard (roughly) now?
A: Normal conversation should be no problem.

Q: If you did not use the languages you learn normally, you will forget them easily. So will you be watching Japanese drama or listen to Japanese song when you are in Korea?
A: I will listen to the Japanese CD Japan fans gave to me on the car, but currently I am learning Chinese so I do not have much time revising Japanese. Now I only watch Japanese drama. Recently I watched an old drama ‘Gift’ (T/N: Acted Takuya Kimura.)

Q: What type of Japanese song do you normally listen to?
A: The albums are given by the fans and I don’t buy them. There are Nakashima Mika, JUJU and Aoyama Teruma.

Q: It’s all female singers?
A: The fans might probably think that it suits me so they chose to give me (Laughs)

Q: So this is the case (Laughs) So do you have any favourite Japanese singers?
A: Actually I don’t really know a lot, when I started learning Japanese, I watched Japanese drama ‘Perfect Woman’, and I like MISIA who sang the theme song. That song is called ‘Everying’ I feel that it is really a nice song to listen.

Q: What’s the difference between Korea, Japan and China fans?
A: There isn’t any difference. Although the nationality is different, the feeling every fan gave are about the same.

Q: You will be busy from November onwards right? Have you collected the script for the musical?
A: I have already met with the screenwriter, he have also arranged a suitable character for me. I think if I were to get busy, I will get busy till December…

Q: Before the (musical) script was completed, have you done anything to prepare yourself?
A: Erm… prepare mentally? (Laughs) But I must finish up the album in Korea first, I hope both sides (musical & album) can be a success.

Q: You have experience in acting in Musical Grease before, are you expecting any difference from the musical you previously acted this time round?
A: Danny in Grease is a crazy guy but turned helpless upon meeting a girl (Laughs), it is a character with two strong personalities; I hope I can challenge something different this time round.

Q: What’s the concept of your new solo album which it’s about to release in Korea? 
A: I am still collecting songs. I think ballad will be good but upbeat/dance song is as good too. But basically I prefer ballad more, because I can put all my heart into this song.

Q: Which countries will you be going after you start your activities?
A: Actually I cannot confirm anything. During this one year I might be staying here and there for a while, then for the next three months I will be going to Korea, Taiwan and Japan.

Q: So, what kind of new image will you like to show everyone?
A: “The most huggable man woman wants” (Laughs). In addition, I want to be the heart-warming man whom woman cannot forget after hugging me once. (Laughs)

Q: We will be anticipating! (Laughs) Lastly I want to ask you, among all SS501’s song, which song will you want to recommend?
A: ‘Love Ya’ which has a strong. It’s a different gene from Japanese idols, everyone must listen to it!!

Short Q&A

Q: What will you think of autumn?
A: Maple leaves?

Q: Your sleeping average time?
A: Should be 5 hours!

Q: What are you busy with apart from work?
A: Busy finding a house (Laughs) I am moving house in Korea.

Q: What colour represents you the best?
A: Erm… what is it? White? Or gold?

Q: You are always smiling and provide the best fan-service. What are you like in the private?
A: No difference. I think that everyone in SS501 is like this. Is there anyone who is different? (Laughs)

Q: What music did you always listen to recently?
A: Chinese singer Li Wei Ann ‘Yes or No’

Q: What will do you if you are feeling low?
A: I don’t have times like this. Even if I have, I will go ‘AHHHH~’ and scream it out loud to vent the frustration.

Q: What in you deserve others to brag about
A: That’s myself.

Q: What will it be if ‘I cannot live without this thing.’?
A: Family. And, my pink notebook.

Q: Please use a sentence to describe your personality.
A: Honest and straight-forward

Q: Please leave a message for the Japanese fans!
A: Please give me lots of support for the activities I will be starting. The other members will also be starting their solo activities soon, please encourage and give them your support too!

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