[News][08.04.11] Confirmed news will be made next week about KyuJong in musical

Posted: April 8, 2011 in News
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Source: http://star.mk.co.kr/new/view.php?mc=ST&no=222771&year=2011
English translation: ode@ss501ode.blogspot.com

After the last official fanmeeting with fellow SS501 member Heo Youngsaeng last December, Kim Kyujong whose activities have been paused temporarily is expected to be started off after a long while very soon.

After DBSG’s U-Know Yunho, it was made known that Kim Kyujong has a very high possibility of taking on the role of Prince Lee Shin in musical ‘Goong’. Especially with this musical ‘Goong’ to be on play in Japan, it is expected that this musical will stir about a new gust of Hanryu musical wind in Japan, and anticipation built has been very high up till now.

Personnel from Kim Kyujong’s agency has told MK Star Today in an interview, “It’s true that we’ve received talks and invitation from the ‘Goong’ musical, but it’s not confirmed as yet. We’ll release news next week through the homepage”, as he disclosed.

Kim Kyujong’s musical debut ‘Goong’ was adapted from Park Sohee’s same-name manga. In 2006, it was being first adapted into a drama starring Yoon Eunhye and Joo Jihoon where it propelled them all into stardom.

This musical is slated for showtime in Japan’s Kyoto Minami prefecture’s located theaters from June 4 to June 23.

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